Spending Report: Jan 25 to 31st

Beginning Balance = $67.37

-$2.oo atm fee
-$27.62 groceries
-$6.47 chipotle
-$12.61 groceries

+$13.85 flex spending account
+$180 babysitting*

Ending Balance: $212.52

*Babysitting Cash: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I babysat, which makes for a pretty cheap/lame weekend, but I earned $180 this weekend. The remaining money in my account will go towards my debt in February.

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  • I love Chipotle..too bad there isn’t one where I live. Good job on tracking your expenses..but why are you paying an ATM fee?

  • You can get a chicken bowl for about $6.47. Comes with rice, meat, veggies, beans and cheese…quite filling. I get the barbacoa bowl and my bf gets the chicken and I know it comes to under $7.

  • In my last spending report I took out $20 at a cash-only restaurant for dinner. So that $ atm fee was from that. :-/

  • Yep! That’s what I get too! It’s delicious and usually can be lunch and dinner (depending on how hungry I am:). I rarely get chips and salsa for lunch, but those chips are my favorite! So good!