Pardon my absence…

So you’re probably thinking, ”Wasn’t DC snowed in all week and work was canceled? Isn’t that more than enough time for MPP to write blog posts?”

Well, yes. That is true. We were pounded with ~30 inches of snow over the last week. However, as anyone who has lived knows, life isn’t always what you plan it to be. Instead of spending nice quiet moments at home watching movies, eating junk food and writing plenty of blog posts, my week was… a bit different.

Here’s a brief recap:

Last Friday: Snow starts in the afternoon.

Midnight: Power goes out. Awesome.

Saturday: Spend a cold day inside reading books and watching the snow fall. I attempt to shovel my car out.  By nightfall, the power is still out, so we dangerously head to a hotel.

Sunday – Monday: Stayed in the hotel.

Tuesday: Snow starts again and my roommate goes home to the South.

Wednesday: I ate a pizza and got food poisoning. I threw up everything, including water for the next 24 hours and passed out in the middle of the bathroom.

Thursday: Woke up feeling like death, but could at least keep water down.

Friday: Same as the day before. Finally felt well enough to get to the doctor and got prescriptions.

Today: I finally feel like myself, albeit a little skinnier (the perks for not eating for two days).

So… I am back. :) Anyone else ready for Spring?

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  • OMG! I was wondering what happened to you!!! Poor thing! I hope you start to feel better soon and that it doesn’t snow in DC for a LONG time!! YEAH, I am SOO ready for warm weather!!

  • I’m ready! Hope you are feeling better.. Like the films, books and junk food days though!

  • So sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. A tip for the future; if you are throwing up, do not drink water. Suck on ice chips if you’re thirsty but do not actually drink water. I know that I end up throwing up even more if I drink water rather than sucking on ice chips. I don’t know why this matters (ice is just frozen water) but it happens to me and my kids too. Maybe cells need to rehydrate slowly or something. Hope you’re feeling better.