Happy Valentine's Day!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to the all the single ladies (and lads) out there! I have spent many Valentine’s Days alone and know that sometimes it’s kind of hard to see other friends get flowers, chocolates, etc. Well, forget them. This is a holiday for everyone, not just the lovers. My very best Valentine’s Day wasn’t when I had a boyfriend, but was with a group of friends just laughing and having a good time.

Secondly, Happy Valentine’s Day to those in a relationship! Hope it’s a delightful day and you feel very loved and special. :)

As for me, this year I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day today… I’m waiting until next weekend when J COMES TO VISIT!!! Well, he’s not really visiting for Valentine’s Day, but that won’t stop me from making delicious heart-shaped treats. We’re not really big on this holiday, but I will probably get him a little something… and of course won’t be upset if he happens to write me a gushy love letter or gives me decadent chocolates or a supremely romantic gift (hint to J if you’re reading this.) ;)

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Any romantic evenings planned? Anyone going out with girlfriends to see Valentine’s Day?

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day! (er…I mean, pre-V Day, since your J is coming to visit next weekend.) ;) Absolutely nothing should get in the way of making heart-shaped treats. Nothing!

  • I’ve been dating a new boy for 3 weeks, so V-day was a bit awkwardly placed this year. We went out to lunch and saw Crazy Heart, which was good. It was a nice date for where we’re at in our relationship. :) Not terribly thrifty, but what are you going to do?