January's Net Worth: Up $1,075

Here’s the Breakdown:

Cash (or Liquid Assets): $4,218
Checking Account: $32
Emergency Savings: $3,473
Car Repair Fund: $604
Gift Fund: $84

Retirement (or Longterm Assets): $3,902
401(k): $2,959
Roth IRA: $943
Stocks: $38 – I have no idea why I have this and really should do something with it.

Debts: $1,700
Student Loans: $1,700 (down $800)

Net Worth = $6,458

I increased my net worth by $1,075, a pretty tall order with some large purchases and a loooong month that never seemed to end. Oh, AND here’s an official announcement that I’m a member of the Thousand Dollar Club! Huzzah!

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