Federal Taxes Completed!

Ta-da! I just completed my federal taxes!

And the total is…

(drumroll, everyone)


I am warming up to this number, but after last year’s awesome return of $1,488 it has taken some time. Ooooh how I wish I was getting that money again! But to be honest, the 2009 MPP really needed that more than the 2010 MPP, so I’ll let it slide.

Let the tax-refund fun begin! Well… in about 10 days when it will be directly deposited to my savings account. ;) State taxes to come. They’re way more complicated, those.

Spring is coming guys! I can feel it! Spring is coming!!!

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  • I owed the year before last :( So I wised up and started filing through a third-party company, who go ahead and file if you’re due a refund and do nothing if you owe. (Yeah, our taxes work differently..) Probably the same again this year!

  • 10 days! You’re lucky, you must’ve been able to file online… we couldn’t because of the extra forms we had to fill out this year.

    I’m ready for spring, too (and our tax refund, which I suppose will take 5-6 weeks).

  • I’m going to receive my first large tax refund this year. I have to admit that I am really excited.

    At least you’re receiving a fair amount of cash!

  • Good for you! However, it is really better to “break even”. If you get a large refund, you’ve given the govt a loan for the previous year.
    I applaud you for having it directly deposited to your savings account. For someone so young, you really have your head on about finances! Just yesterday I know someone who said they were going to use their refund to pay for a vacation-now maybe to some that is a good thing, keep in mind this person has debt, debt debt.

  • I always have to pay. Last year I had to pay almost $1,000! I make too much money and I was single with no home or children to claim.

    This November, I got married and we filed our taxes jointly. I’m getting back over $3,000! It’s my first large tax return and I’m so excited. We are paying off some debt and saving part of it.