Lent 2010

Today is Ash Wednesday which means Lent begins! I usually give up something for Lent, even though I’m not Catholic. Last year it was shopping, the year before that it was chocolate, and the year before that it was sweets altogether (which turned out to be too hard, thus the reason for “only no chocolate” a year later).

I almost forgot about Lent until yesterday when Chelsea Bea reminded me of it via Twitter. All of yesterday I was racking my brain to think of things to give up.

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  • I love the idea of giving something back. Not only does that benefit someone else, but you also will reap wonderful benefits. Nothing gives more happiness than giving time, love, or gifts to others. :)

  • I’m not catholic either, but i sometimes practice giving up something for lent. (I was raised lutheran it was fairly common in my church too)

    My favorite lent was my freshman year of college when I gave up boys. hahaha. I was having too much drama in my life so I quit thinking about them/pursuing them etc. It was a great choice.

    I don’t think I’m giving up anything this year. I will think about it though…

  • Also not catholic, but my pastor once preached about the benefit of giving to others for lent instead of taking something from yourself.
    I couldn’t come up with anything to give up, so I decided to commit to exercising every day and tracking my calories for lent.
    I would give up shopping or chocolate, but I don’t really indulge in those things anyway…

  • I am thinking of giving up alcohol or chocolate. Giving up chocolate will make me grumpy so I think giving up drinking it is. Harder then it seems since my co-workers and I regularly go to happy hour! My church encourages you to donate the money you save to a worthwhile cause.

  • I forgot it was Lent, too. I am not religious, but I think I am going to try to give up soda until Easter. I am drinking one now, so I will start after it is finished. It will be a small health change and one that will save me a few dollars a day, so it is somewhat finance-related. Will report to you on my progress!

  • I like thei dea of giving something back!

    I’ve chosen to give up chocolate and beer. Beer won’t so much be an issue but the chocolate will definitely be a challenge!

  • I am Catholic (woo-hoo, I guess) and I’m giving up Chipotle. I think I started a movement though because another good friend of mine who is ALSO crack-addicted to Chipotle is giving it up.

    I don’t think it is silly to practice Lent if you are a non-Catholic. The idea behind Lent is applicable across any creed. Instead of immersing ourselves in worldly things such as shopping, chocolate, beer, or (dare I say) Chipotle, we should focus on being at peace with ourselves through spirituality, meditation and/or reflection.

    I think it is lovely that you will be doing good for Lent!

  • Good for you! I have always tried to do something more for Lent instead of give something up! I was raised Catholic and love the idea of Lent – to better yourself or the world around you! :)

    I recently started volunteering, so I’m already “giving back” in that regard but it’s a great idea. Hmm…I go to the gym regularly, I’m a healthy eater, so I’m still thinking of what to do! :)

  • I’m a vegetarian who still eats seafood and fish (I refuse to eat land animals), so this Lent I’m giving up seafood and fish and may continue the practice after Lent. It probably won’t be that hard, so I’d like to add something else to the mix in there, but I’m not sure exactly what to do.

    I’d like to give back as well, whether it be a monetary donation to a charity or volunteer my time. I talked to someone the other day who volunteers at the local Humane Society so I really want to do that since I’m a huge animal lover (obviously, because I’m vegetarian). Apparently they are really flexible with your schedule because they only employee a small amount of people and everyone else are volunteers. So they will take what they can get from you, even if it’s just an hour or two of your time on the weekends.

    I also want to walk my dog more. Even if it’s just 15 minutes in the morning or evening. We have a fenced in back yard so he has plenty of space to run, but it’s important to walk them and builds a relationship with your dog. So I’d like to give back to my dog. =)

  • I’m Episcopalian but went to Catholic school for all of primary school and high school, so I was always expected to give something up for Lent. I don’t’ attend church that often anymore, but I still try and practice giving something up during the Lenten season. One of the things I do during the Lent is to, give something as a sacrifice and incorporate a good habit into my life (just like you are doing!). So this year, I’m giving up all fried foods and fast food (because yes, I eat entirely too much of both of them) and I’m going to send a letter to my grandmother each week. She’s 84 and one of the things she loves most in life is getting snail mail, so I think this will be a good way for me to connect with her and bring her happiness. So, happy Lent and good luck with your good habit.

  • Giving up something for Lent is a wonderful experience. It is not easy, even if it is giving up chocolate or sodas. Just think about it, you reach into the fridge to grab a Coke and remember oh I can’t have that. Hopefully at that time you ponder why you are giving it up. Is it only symbolic for you or are you really trying to grow in your faith?
    My Pastor too has taken up the practice of not giving up but adding to………………..
    If someone is interested in the simple life, the Lent season could be a great starting point, imho.

  • Interesting that you would mention the idea of giving back. Currently, I am doing the Daniel Fast during the Lent period but also plan to incorporate the giving back concept as well.

  • I have a friend who is giving up Chipotle too. It really should be called Crackpotle because it is sooooooooo good. There isn’t one where I live so I only get it if I go up to my friend’s house which is once a month.

  • This year for Lent my sacrifice is candy and desserts. I gave up juice and red meat last year and it was so hard at first. Now I mainly drink water and tea and only have juice when I have friends over.

    I think non Catholics can still practice some form of sacrifice during Lent because it helps you to refocus.

  • I gave up Facebook. I know. It sounds silly, but it was the best thing I have done in a long time. :)