How I saved $60 on the most delicious meal of my life…

{via Baltimore Sun}

This past Sunday was a gorgeous, so J and I took a spontaneous day trip to Annapolis, MD. We walked around the quaint little downtown and were overjoyed to find that it was Restaurant Week, where participating restaurants offered $15.99 three-course lunch menus. We went to Hell’s Point Seafood, a lovely restaurant by the water. It was there I ate the most delicious entree I’ve ever tasted: fried flounder topped with strips of ham and shrimp, served with potatoes and an artichoke heart covered with a sauce so delicious I cannot even describe it. Seriously, the flavor has been haunting me for days. We also shared yummy appetizers and desserts.

The meal set us back $55 including tip, but when we got home I discovered that our meal would have cost us around $115 had it not been Restaurant Week.

Has anyone else participated in a Restaurant Week? This was my second one I’ve been to (first in DC) and I highly recommend going if you have one in your town.

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  • That sounds so good! I always do Restaurant Week in Philly to try out fancy places I’d never get to go to otherwise. It’s fun to do with a big group of friends, too, since it’s one of the only times that everyone’s meal will be exactly the same price and there’s no awkwardness about who pays what. :) (Plus, it’s super fun!)

  • LOVE Restaurant Week! I live in Baltimore and have many friends in the DC area, so I try to make the most of it since Baltimore, DC, Bethesda and Annapolis all have their weeks at different times. Plus, they all happen twice a year! Hubby and I normally like to try out a super expensive place for the cheaper price to see if it is worth coming back to again.

  • I’ve only been to Restaurant Week once in NYC. I went with the BF and we spent $48.00 on lunch, which would have cost us nearly $120. Your meal sounds extremely delicious, as was mine, but the portions were so small.

  • I actually have never participated in a restaurant week, but i know people rave about it. I think its one of those appropriate things for date night, or something girls do together. But being single, and not dating at the moment, it would be awkward to go alone.

    Glad you had a great meal for less!

  • Restaurant Week in NYC used to be a great deal. They held them once or twice a year during non-social, non-touristy times of the year and they were a great deal. Now it seems like they’re held every month (an exaggeration I’m sure, but it’s headed that way!), and the special Restaurant Week menus offer much smaller portions and limit the selection. In other words, it may be cheaper but it’s not a bargain. Spa Week has gone the same route, but even faster – that $50 massage is only 25-30 mins.