Spending Report 2/23-3/1

Beginning Balance: $40.96

the boring life stuff:
-$20 gasoline
-$15.24 groceries
-$4.02 fast food
-$10.00 eye exam

my weekend:
-$4.44 gift on Amazon – originally was $20 but I used Swagbucks
– $9.49 wine for a party Saturday pm
-$77.35 for 2 pairs of shoes & a purse at Nina West Outlet
-$70.98 for 3 shirts & pair of jeans at Banana Republic Outlet
-$23.00 hair appointment

march expenses:
-$25 to Car Repair Fund
-$100 to Roth IRA
-$54.75 cable bill
-$30.34 electric bill

+$50 babysitting
+$2,465.53 paycheck
+$140 from roommate

Ending Balance: $2,251.90

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  • Hi:
    First, this is my first comment on a blog and I really enjoy reading yours.
    Just a question. Do you keep your funds in bank accounts, high-interest accounts, or just in envelopes at home?
    I am trying to get out of debt in this year, and I need to get some ideas.
    Do you think that is OK to build an emergency fund while paying debt or paying debt first and then build your emergency fund?


  • Haha, I second Jolie – gosh that is a super cheap eye exam! My last one was $60 and I’m looking at $100 for next one. Darn.

  • SO WEIRD — my paycheck is for the *exact same amount* (down to the pennies!)

    Do you not pay rent? (Sorry, I’m still new to your site & haven’t read all the archives! I’m loving your site though — and getting so inspired!!)