Hello March! Farewell February!

March Goals:

  • become debt free!!!!!!!
  • go to the gym 12 times
  • cook something new
  • figure out new budget
  • update blogroll

February Goals, recapped:

  • see J sometime
  • pay a TON of money towards my debt!
  • stay within budget
  • go to the gym 12 times minimum [EPIC fail… I went 3 times! I blame the Snow Crisis of 2010]
  • file taxes
  • update blogroll
  • cooking something delicious oops forgot to blog about it
  • read at least one book

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  • Excellent job of mapping out your goals for the month and then going back and reviewing them. I really like the first one. Keep us updated on your progress. Good luck with accomplishing March’s goals.

  • What a fab goal you have to achieve this month – debt freeness!! Good luck, am sure you will do it!

  • haha, snowmageddon is a totally valid excuse! i went to school in virginia, and i remember the one time we got more than five inches of snow, the city completely shut down. no one had shovels, people were digging out their cars with pots and pans, the closest thing to a workout was sledding through the parking lot on cookie sheets. good for you getting out there at all!