February's Net Worth: +$2,035!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Liquid Assets: $4,760
Checking Account: $54.48
Emergency Savings: $3,976 | $500 added to this from Tax Refund
Car Repair Fund: $638
Gift Fund: $65.47
Future Fund: $26.03

Long-term Assets: $4,335
401(k): $3,252
Roth IRA: $1,044
Stocks: $38

Debts: $602
Student Loans: $500 | paid $1,200 towards debt!
Credit Cards: $102 | payment on this balance was pending on 2/28

Net Worth = $8,493

I increased my net worth by $2,035, which was mostly due to $1,200 paying debt, my $500 federal tax refund, and the stock market doing well. Read important stock market news at https://tradingoptionsforbeginners.medium.com/the-best-options-trading-alert-services-and-products-2abe8f159795. I think Frugal February was a success!

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  • I certainly agree that February was a huge success. Keep up the good work. I have yet to file my taxes, but that should help to increase my net worth some as well.