Sunny Day Rambles


We’ve had five straight days of rain in Washington, DC. Not just rain, but a foggy, gray mist that is little enough to make you look silly holding an umbrella, but still manages to turn your hair into a frizzy mess. Or maybe that’s just my hair? If it’s going to rain, I think it should be a downpour… don’t linger around for five days. Just sayin’.

However today is the first day the sun has come out and I am so happy. I love daylight savings, even though you do lose an hour. There’s just something about driving home after work with the sun still up that lifts a girl’s spirits. And there’s just something about springtime that brings hopeful thoughts of things that are to come.

This is a personal-finance blog, so I’d like to give you a heads’ up that I may be writing more about the personal than the finance part. (Exhibit A: Cake! I saw your comments… recipes to come.) Don’t worry, I don’t need a spending intervention or anything. All is well and I’ll still update you on my money, but I also want to explore a little more creativity with this blog. Hope that’s okay.

That’s all I’ve got today. Happy Tuesday! :)

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