Latest Lust: Spring Dresses

My wardrobe in the summer consists of three things: sunglasses, sandals, and dresses. Just for kicks I did a little online looksie to see what’s available this season and there are sooo many delicious dresses I’m craving for when it gets warmer.

I don’t want to be an enabler so I’ll just share one I’m considering buying because it’s cute enough to wear to work:

It’s only $22 at Forever 21. Be still my shopaholic heart. Is anyone else having the spring dresses lust??

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  • That is very pretty indeed. I also can’t wait for the warmer weather to come, and with it the chance to wear pretty and colourful summer clothes. (I Iive in England so may have to wait a while, read forever..)

  • I know. :( Sadly that is the case for a lot of their material… it usually lasts only a season or two, which is convenient since most of their stuff is trendy (aka: would be out of date in two years anyway) but isn’t good for the budget-shopping like myself.

  • Given that their prices are so cheap, I end up buying a lot of dresses from them but only where them once or twice. That makes them last longer. But am I enabling your shopoholism now? Yikes…um….yeah.

  • OMG, spring dresses are all I can think about these days. With the J. Crew 20% off all dresses this last week, I seriously contemplated blowing some serious money. And then, of course, my practical side got to me and I didn’t. {pat on the back for, chelsa bea}. But all I want right now are new spring/summer dresses!

  • That’s a pretty dress!! Definitely perfect for spring! Too bad we’re heading for winter here… time to bring out the warm coats and boots.