Happy First Day of Spring


Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week. I always thought Friday evening was, but I find myself so tired after a whole week’s work that I am rather useless on Fridays. Saturday mornings, however, I slowly wake up, make a homemade breakfast and drink cups of delicious coffee while I prepare for my day of nothing. :)

Actually, I have a lot I want to accomplish today. I have three weekend trips planned in the next month and I feel the need to organize my life in preparation for a busy month. Here’s my weekend to do list:

  • Make a meal list & go grocery shopping
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Watch a lot of college basketball (even though my bracket is screwed)
  • Do some major housekeeping
  • Wrap presents for next week’s wedding shower
  • Go out with friends to a Jazz bar
  • Calculate all expenses and report on blog (whoops, a bit behind!)
  • Organize my room and pack books to take home
  • Buy plane ticket for bachlorette party weekend

Hope everyone has a lovely first day of spring! :)

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  • I agree! Last night I just zoned out & watched a movie, haha. But I’m already up this morning, about to head to the gym, then have a ton of errands to run, volunteering for a few hours AND going to a movie tonight!

    I love Saturdays! Good luck with all of your items :)

  • Totally agree on Friday nights: loved them in college, too tired to do anything on them now that I have a “real” job. But Saturdays are marvelous…

  • I am officially last in my department’s bracket rankings. It’s awful. I’ve never been really into college basketball, but knowing that I have no chance to win it, makes watching the games a bit more enjoyable.