Bye March; Hi April!

Ahhh… a new month is upon us. That means new paycheck, new goals, a fresh start. I love it. :)

March Goals:

  • Become debt free!!!!!!!
  • Go to the gym 12 times
  • Cook something new
  • Figure out new budget
  • Update blogroll

Of course not going to the gym would be the one goal I fail at this month. Everything else was pretty standard, although I’m seriously disappointed with my March budget. But more on that in a later post.

April Goals:

  • Reach $10,000 in net worth (dare I try?!)
  • Go to the gym 12 times
  • Only spend $100 in groceries
  • Don’t use credit card or savings for any living expenses. (Sadly it happened in March)
  • Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Have a fabulous time at my friend’s bachlorette weekend.

Here’s to a happy and productive April!

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