Have a sunny weekend!

{this photo is what my street looks like}

Happy Friday! Anyone have lovely Easter Weekend plans? My weekend consist of cherry blossoms, spring cleaning, afternoon bike rides, reading pages from a novel on the National Mall, attending church service, hunting Easter eggs at a Sunday brunch, and soaking up as much Vitamin D as I can get. It’s my keep-busy plan for not spending Easter with my family.

This week’s spending was pretty standard for the beginning of the month, meaning there was money going in all kinds of directions! I have updated my Kitchen Inventory list. I think I’ll just cross off/add to my original list instead of creating a whole new list each week. But I have yet to spend any money this month on groceries! Scoooore.

Meals this week:
-Monday: rice & chicken
-Tuesday: stirfry & rice
-Wednesday: babysat
-Thursday: out to eat with a friend

Here are some other “Eat Your Entire Kitchen” participants. Anyone else want to participate with us in April?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. We don’t have those around here. Seeing those in person is definitely on my to do list.

  • I’m loving the Eat your entire kitchen challenge! So far it’s going great and forcing me to eat a lot of non-perishables that I normally let sit in my pantry forever!! :) I also have not spent anything on groceries thus far, and shouldn’t have to for a while yet!

  • I wish I could but we go through pretty much all of our staples so quickly … or rather I try to make sure we use up everything that’s been sitting when I put together meals.

    It’s just leaving me with stuff to bake and granola bar type things that I don’t like to empty out because I grab them to go.