Spending Report: Money moving around!

Beginning Balance: $44.05

end of march expenses:
Gasoline: $77.55
Gifts: $51.83 (sister’s birthday & get well gift for J’s dad)
Groceries: $7.26
Dining: $74.07 (I ate with a large group & put it on my credit card. I got reimbursed for this, but it was added in another spending report’s cash).

end of march income:
Saving Transfers: +$88
Return: +$21.19

april expenses:
Roth IRA: $100
Rent: $660
Cell/Internet: $84.67
Cable: $49.18
Electric: $39.40
Charity: $75
Car Insurance: $32
Gym Fee: $30

credit card paybacks:
Banana Republic: $68.99
Plane Ticket: $114.90 (April 16-18 I’m traveling for a bachlorette weekend)

april savings:
Car Repair Fund: $375 ($100 of this is for me to save until the end of the month’s bills)
Emergency Fund: $650
Me Fund: $25
Gift Fund: $50

april income:
Paycheck: +$2,465
Babysitting: +$50 (to CRFund)
Blogging Income: +$200 (to CRFund)

Ending Balance: $339.67

Whew! I think I’m finally in a good spot with my money after paying my bills, credit cards (for shame!) and transferring savings for the month. The $340 left in my checking account is the rest of the money I have for April. It doesn’t seem like that much, but I plan to live very frugal this month and all of my big expenses (aka: PLANE TICKET!) have been taken care of. Saving progress bars are updated to the side… yay! The Emergency Fund is well on it’s way!

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