April Weekend #1: Spending Report

Beginning Balance: $339.67

Gasoline: $27.04
*Groceries: $12.08
Panera: $5.72
Subway: $3.62
Potbelly’s: $2.85
**Bike pump: $15.89

Blogging: +$130 — sent this money to the Car Repair fund

Ending Balance: $272.47

*Note on Groceries:
In an effort to Eat my Entire Kitchen this month, I needed to buy a few things. I bought lettuce, orange juice, milk, turkey, and sandwich bags. Of the $100 groceries budget, I have $87.92 left for April.

**Bike Pump:
Back in January I bought the cutest bike from my friend, but haven’t ridden it much since it needed air in the tires. This glorious spring weekend I finally bought a bike pump and it’s sooo fun to ride my bike everywhere! I only used my car once–I love it!

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