March's Net Worth: + $747

Liquid Assets: $4,406.58
Checking Account: $24.01

Emergency Savings: $4,076.41
Car Repair Fund: $89.66
Gift Fund: $165.47
Me Fund: $25
Future Fund: $26.03

Long-termĀ Assets: $4,962.18
401(k): $3,648.27
Roth IRA: $1,275.33
Stocks: $38.58

Debts: $126.78
Credit Card: $126.78

Net Worth = $9,241.98

My cash was down $354 because I had to pay for the car repairs. I’m so upset that I had to use my credit card the first month I become debt-free! Oh well, I need to move on. There’s always an ebb and flow to finances and I’m pretty optimistic about April’s results.

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