The New & Improved My Pretty Pennies!

Welcome to the new My Pretty Pennies! The site is actually not that different because we figured out that my site could transfer to this one, so not all is lost. Whew! A huge shout out to Mrs. Micah for taking care of everything. To anyone who needs some blog help in the future, I definitely recommend using her services. She is awesome.

A few changes:
  • Address & RSS Feed. The new address is and the feed is While the old site and RSS feed will still work, if you still want to receive notifications, I recommend subscribing to the new one to ensure it works and delete the old subscription. I promise not to change it up on you guys again.
  • The Design. The essence of the site is the same, but I added a few little design features to keep a minimalist look with pops of color from photos and links.
  • Linked Within. This feature shows old related posts at the end of each current post. I find it’s a nice way to navigate around the site and visit old posts without digging too hard. I’m curious to see if anyone likes or dislikes this feature.
  • TweetMeme. If you like a post, tweet about it on Twitter.
  • Archive Page. Click on the Archive Page where all posts are separated by month, listing the name, date and comment number for post.
  • Contact Form. You can now email directly from the site through the contact form. Yay!
  • About Page. I updated my About page. You’ll have to click to see some photos of what I look like… ;)
  • Advertising. I have a section now for all advertisements and sponsorships. I promise not to clutter up the site, but I do have some available space if anyone is interested in advertising on My Pretty Pennies. Contact me for an updated rate card.

That’s it! There are a few posts that didn’t transfer all the way, but it is a work-in-progress and I appreciate your patience! Feedback and suggestions welcome.  :) Yay! One more of my yearly goals crossed off!

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