Shopping Mission Accomplished!

Do you ever find yourself wanting to buy something–but not know exactly what you are looking for until you find it? Perhaps it’s a girl thing, but I always seem to be on a mission for the perfect {fill in the blank}. One season it was boots, another it was the perfect little black dress. It’s not an immediate need, like for an event, so I am able to take my time and be extremely picky. This also means I have to shop alone because suggestions from friends on perfectly adequate items get the response, “Eh, I’m just not feeling it.” I won’t settle for just anything—I’ll know when I see it.

My latest shopping mission for the last four months has been for the perfect weekend bag. My search criteria includes: durable, small enough to fit on a plane, rolling wheels, duffel bag-looking, cute pattern/fabric, and inexpensive. I haven’t been obsessively looking, but merely browsing whenever I enter a store that sell such items. Well, as you can imagine, it was a mission with a lot of dead-ends… until last Friday. It was a stressful morning, so my coworker suggested some retail therapy during lunch. We went to Rugged Warehouse and as soon as I walked in, I saw My Bag. It is a pink, Liz Clairborne duffel bag with hidden rolling wheels, and the price tag said “Original: $349.00, Our price: $19.99.” It was love at first sight. I bought it with a fat grin on my face and as I was leaving, the security guard at the door said, “We just put that bag out on the floor 20 minutes ago. One person saw it and was going to buy it at the register. That bag is a rare find.”¬† My thoughts exactly. :)

This is kind of what it looks like (except pink and cuter):

Can anyone relate? What item are you currently on a shopping  mission for?

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