Have a delightful weekend!

Greetings my dear friends!

A great apology for the lack of posts this week. My thoughts have been preoccupied and life has been rather busy. Since I was out of town the last two weeks, I plan to take it easy this weekend and catch up on friendships and a little housekeeping. On a financial note, I spent a lot of money in the last two weekends with my trips away, but I think April will turn out to be a decent month… and May will be even better. ;)

Beginning Balance: $146.50

+170 from savings (I had transfered a lot in the beginning of the month to prepare for end-of-month expenses)

-$49.18 cable
-$41.97 electric
-$12.78 coffees for both weekends
-$45.11 dining
-$82.20 gasoline
-$65.28 groceries
-$18.50 parking at airport

Ending Balance: $1.48

That’s right—I am ending April with a total of $1.48 in my budget. You may think that’s bad news, but really that means I’ve met my budget and have a dollar and a half to spare. Cha-ching!

Have a delightful weekend… and happy PAYDAY!

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