Farewell April–Hello May!

May Goals:

  • Find a job in NC?!?
  • Tell boss and coworkers about leaving :(
  • Spackle and paint rooms
  • Figure out a cheap way to get all of my furniture to NC
  • Do one thing in DC that I haven’t done before
  • Sell furniture on CL and make at least $200
  • Buy J a birthday gift
  • Spend no more than $200 on food, groceries AND dining
  • Cancel all of my bills and forward new address
  • Enjoy my last month in DC!

April Goals:

  • Reach $10,000 in net worth (dare I try?!). Done! Details to come in the April Net Worth.
  • Go to the gym 12 times. Who knows? I quit the gym but definitely worked out if running errands on my bike counts.
  • Only spend $100 in groceries. Alright, I’m lying a little bit…. I spent $100.94, but it’s so darn close I’m counting it! Also, check on my Kitchen Inventory post. I finished almost all of my food except for some cans that I plan to donate (let’s face it, chili just isn’t good in 75-degree weather).
  • Don’t use credit card or savings for any living expenses. (Sadly it happened in March) Again, this has a little exception as you’ll see in my April Net Worth. I did use my credit card but I bought things for a friend whose wallet was stolen and promised to pay me back in the next week. So cc was used, but not really by me.
  • Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival Done!
  • Have a fabulous time at my friend’s bachlorette weekend. Done!

(photo credit… If you get a chance, stop by a garden or a flower shop and smell the peonies.. They are only in bloom for a short period, but smell sooo wonderful.)

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  • When I rented a U-Haul to move from Durham to NY, it only cost me around $300. Renting the same exact truck for a trip in the opposite direction (same two cities) cost over $1500. I was shocked to say the least.