Dream Job Details

Thank you for all of the congratulations on here and twitter. You all are the best! It does seem like I’ve got good news after good news… but rest assured this is two years in the making.  I cannot believe of all the applicants they chose me! I feel humbled. :)

On to the job details! I posted a few weeks ago about Job Satisfaction and the things that make a job satisfying. I’ll describe the job based on those elements:

  • Culture — I must admit this is the best thing about my job! The company culture is ah-mazing. In addition to individual desks, there are two coffee shops and a plethora of comfortable areas where employees can take their laptops and work. They also have a weekly company happy hour. The whole environment is casual, creative and young. I love it.
  • Salary — I am taking a pay decrease for this job. It is $6,000 less than what I am making today, but my living expenses will be so much less in NC than in DC that it won’t be a huge change to my budget. I asked about a higher salary and my HR rep said that is the standard beginning salary for my position, but they have 6-month reviews where salaries are reassessed at that point. To be honest, I am not really worried about the salary, which says a lot about the job and company.
  • Benefits — I will have full-coverage medical, dental and vision insurance, short and long-term disability, 3 weeks paid time off (vacay+sick), 10 paid holidays, direct deposit, free parking, and a 401(k). They do not match the 401(k) until after the first year, and then it’s a $0.50 match to the dollar up to 5%.
  • Location — I will have a 20 to 30 minute commute from my new apartment, but the location is much closer to my family, friends, and, of course, J. :) I love the location of my job—15 minutes away from J’s office and many shopping dangerously tempting places to visit on my lunch breaks!
  • Position — The day-to-day work will be a little different than what I am doing now, but I am really excited about the direction and think it will be a great step in my career. I have been warned that there are some days I need to stay late during the busy season, but the company also gives plenty of comp time and flexibility.

That’s it! My first day of work is June 1st and I cannot wait. :)

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