April’s Net Worth: Past the $10k Mark!

Liquid Assets: $5,495.58
Checking Account: $1.71 (<–Yep, true story. I should probably add a buffer…)
Emergency Savings: $4,889.89
Car Repair Fund: $313.33
Gift Fund: $214.58
Me Fund: $50
Future Fund: $26.09

Long-termĀ Assets: $5,239.05
401(k): $3,923.05
Roth IRA: $1,277.42
Stocks: $38.58

Debts: $37.65
Credit Card: $37.65 — A good friend had her wallet stolen so I fronted her some cash in the meantime while she waited to get her debit card back. She’s already paid me back, but at the end of April this charge was still on my account.

Net Worth = $10,696.98

Notes: It was just nine months ago I reached the positive net worth threshold. Hmmm I wonder if I can make the $20,000 net worth goal by 2011?? I say yes as long as the stock market doesn’t collapse upon me. :)

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