Location, Location, Location

One amazing part about moving back to the South is the cheap cost of living. According to a cost of living calculator, I could take a 27% pay decrease and still maintain my standard of living I have now. Also, the average home in the DC metro area costs $640,000 whereas the average home in the Raleigh-Durham area costs $270,000. That is a huge difference!

*Here’s how my bills will differ:

Other perks of the new apartment include:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Disposal
  • Central AC
  • Safer

I will finally have a washer/dryer and be able to clean my dishes like a normal person! Moving to NC will save me $342.50 per month on bills. However, I am taking a pay decrease for my new job, so my budget will most likely stay the same. Hooray for inexpensive housing!

*Note: All of the bills are estimates and divided in half. My new roommate “Courtney” and I decided not to have cable, which is fine by me. And I probably won’t join a gym until the winter.

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  • That reason alone is the reason why I stayed in Raleigh after I graduated college. I’m originally From Detroit but clearly the cost of living is higher and there aren’t any jobs in Michigan either so the logical choice was to stay here.

  • Depends where in Raleigh you plan to live. I’ve lived here since 1984 some places in Cary rival the prices anywhere up north. I love love love Raleigh, it is, after all, where Barney goes to partay!!!!

  • Cost of living in places that are cheaper is such a huge motivator. I love big cities like DC, but it’s so hard to justify spending so much on EVERYTHING. I hope the move goes well!
    .-= Fig´s last blog ..Back And Ready To Go! =-.

  • Moving in a little less developed area is sometimes wonderful as you can get a desired home in a budget and yet live happily. The differences in rates are huge and can save a lot that saved amount can be used for other purposes too.