Weekend To Do List

Happy Friday! I have two more weeks before my big move and let me tell you, I.AM.READY. I have already packed everything but essentials, told my boss/coworkers, and have pretty much mentally checked out and am very ready for my new life in NC.

Yet, there is still a list of things I’d like to accomplish this weekend:

  • Do laundry (last time I’ll have to use quarters …hopefully!)
  • Update spending report
  • Prime and paint rooms
  • Spackle all walls
  • Do some form of exercise!!!
  • Look up U-haul prices
  • Make a meal plan for the next two weeks
  • Buy graduation gift for a friend
  • Figure out what to get J for his birthday
  • Hang out with friends for one of the last times! :(
  • Clean my car
  • Figure out my new budget

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  • hi, this is bird. i’m married to forest. i have that notepad!!!! i just made a grocery list on it and then he made me check your blog. isn’t it cute? love! also, i went to school in durham. go to foster’s market for me…mmmmm

  • Ahh! A message from Bird! I love it. :) I dooo love that notepad! I got it off of Etsy. I am really excited to move to the Triangle and will definitely check out Foster’s Market in your honor.

    (Oh, and how ’bout those 2010 national champions?!?)