Impatient Rambles & Spending Report

I feel like I have earned an award for being The Most Impatient Person Ever.  For some reason two weeks just cannot come fast enough! I blame myself… as soon as I decided to move two weeks ago I got boxes and packed up everything but the bare essentials. It’s taken me two years to get here, you’d think two weeks would be easy enough? Wrong. These days are dragggggging. I’m actually thankful today is Monday because I have a whole work week to distract me.

It may have something to do with seeing that mouse/rat again in my apartment! Originally I thought it was a sign from God to help me make my decision, but it turns out that was a little narcissistic of me to presume. The furry creature was sighted last night by my roommate peeping out of the couch next to my feet, which turned both of us into a frenzy of girly hysterics. We put four traps around the couch last night, but this morning I just don’t have the energy or stomach to check them right now and I’ll just wait for after work.

In other news, I went shopping this past weekend! I know, I shouldn’t be shopping when I’m about to move, but a new job is a good excuse for new clothes, right? Plus, I want to take advantage of having an outlet mall close by since I won’t have that chance in 11 days. I got a dress ($18), a bathing suit ($10 after coupon), a necklace ($7), a huge hat for the pool (yep, I’m that girl-$7), sandals ($8), shorts ($10), a sweater wrap that I’ll be thankful I bought come September ($10) and a girly headband ($8). Pretty good, I’d say! Here are some other things I’ve bought in the last two weeks:

Beginning Balance: $1.48

+$2,465 salary
+$60 babysitting
+80 sold dresser & clothes
+$100 from friend paying me back
+$50 babysitting
+$40 reimbursement from friend
+$30 from roommate

-$700 Emergency Fund
-$355 Car Repair Fund
-$50 Me Fund
-$25 Gift Fund
-$660 Rent
-$100 Roth IRA
-$31.27 Clothing
-$145.46 Credit card
-$75 Charity
-$14.39 Hardware store to get spackle
-$20 Gift card to friend who referred me to new job
-$32 Car insurance
-$1 USPS charge for forwarding mail
-$85 Cell phone and internet
-$87.92 Paint!
-$65.05 Dining, amount combines six different places
-$17.60 Mother’s day gift
-$2.95 Gift
-$82.45 Groceries
-$31.78 Ann Taylor Loft
-$18.01 Papaya
-$13.35 Charlotte Russe
-$12.24 J Crew
-$22.00 Gap & Old Navy

Ending Balance: $165.83

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  • Once you make a decision the time can not move fast enough. My roommate made an internal move to another city, so she is supposed to be moving out. She hasn’t packed one box and her stuff is still mixed in with mine. We have a third roommate (my brother) who is living in our den area. Once she moves I will move to the master bedroom and he will move into my bedroom.

    We love her to death, but we are getting impatient. So we are right there with you.
    .-= Broke by Choice´s last blog ..Budget Buster: Gas =-.