My favorite date cost $17

Two years ago my life was going all over the place as I was wrapping up college and planning to move to DC. My good friend J (at the time) asked me on a date and we went to a restaurant. He knew from that date that this thing would last, but I was very hesitant about starting a long distance relationship and getting involved with someone before I moved. We went on a previously-planned trip together with some friends, where we talked about it some more, then parted for our hometowns for a few days before I was going to move to DC. He asked me one more time to give him a chance to talk about the possibilities (I was playing real hard to get!), so I decided I’d hear him out one more time.

I told him to meet me at a Farmer’s Market off an exit between our hometowns. From there I took him to a little league baseball field off the side of a countryside road.  I wore a cute summer dress and packed a picnic basket full of lemonade, chicken salad, croissants, chips, apples and chocolate chip cookies. The weather was perfect. We sat on my mom’s quilt for four hours talking about everything under the warm sun as the cookies melted. It was on that date that I knew this long distance thing would work. That was also where we had our first kiss. It was a nice, short innocent kiss as young eight and nine year old boys started to play a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

Happy two-year anniversary. Long distance ends: eight days. :)

PS- Read the post I wrote on our one year anniversary… spoiler alert: my grandmother introduced his parents!

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  • Wow, he really had to sell it to you! lol. I remember reading your story last year….it was very cute. My relationship with the BF also started off as long distance. I’d already been at school one year when we finally just decided to go for it. Three years later I finally graduated and moved back to my hometown, and it felt great to finally know I’d be in the same city as him.

    Long distance relationships suck, but it’s that much sweeter when it’s all over. (it, meaning the long distance part)

  • DF and I also started out long distance at the ripe young age of 18 . . . 12 years later (and a lot of crazy in between) we’re getting married! Happy 2 year anniversary and hooray for the end of the long distance part of the relationship!
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..Dreamin’ of the Weekend =-.

  • Picknicks are THE BEST date ever. Only i’m the fella so showing a girl you can put together an awesome antipasto platter with home made dip get’s me huge brownie points.

    My girlfriends choc chip and vanilla biscuits are where its at though. Freaking Delicious.

    Glad you made the long term thing work, I couldn’t make it work.