New Month, New State, New Goals

Better late than never….

June Goals:

  • Make at least one new friend. Not just meet someone, but make a friend.
  • Figure out new budget.
  • Make a summer reading list.
  • Read at least one book.
  • Finish decorating and organizing room.
  • Have a lovely time at BFF’s wedding :)

May Goals, recap:

  • Find a job in NC?!? Yes!!!!
  • Tell boss and coworkers about leaving :( Sadly yes. I miss them!
  • Spackle and paint rooms
  • Figure out a cheap way to get all of my furniture to NC Hmm relatively yes.
  • Do one thing in DC that I haven’t done before.
  • Sell furniture on CL and make at least $200. Almost… I made $177: Couch: $100, Clothes: $27, Kitchen Table: $50
  • Buy J a birthday gift. Yes! But I have to keep that a secret until after tomorrow.
  • Spend no more than $200 on food, groceries AND dining. Ha! Just barely made this one. Spent $209.75 total.
  • Cancel all of my bills and forward new address
  • Enjoy my last month in DC!

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