The Moving Costs

Rental Truck: $286
The truck was rented through Budget for one-way (DC to NC), with unlimited use for three days. Compared to other moving truck companies, this was a pretty good deal. My parents offered to pay for this, but I could afford it and told them just to cover the gas and we’ll call it even.

Truck Insurance: $104
At first I wasn’t going to get insurance, but the more I thought about it, the more nervous I got. If there happen to be an accident, it cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars. Insurance? $104. Peace of Mind? Priceless.

Gasoline: $42.40
Truck gas: My parents graciously paid.
My car’s gas: $42.40

Breakfast: $9.64
Cheap breakfast, eh? What can I say, the moving crew was easy to please with coffee and Chickfila biscuits.

TOTAL COSTS: $442.04

I paid for these expenses using my June paycheck from my former job, which is the usual monthly $2465. I should also get my $675 security deposit back from my old apartment, but I’m waiting to hear form my old landlord on that (he BETTER pay us!). My budget is kind of on hold until June 15, when I should receive my new job paycheck, and from there I’ll report on what I plan to save, spend, etc. So glad this hassle is behind me!

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  • That really doesn’t sound too bad on the truck cost front. I was surprised how cheap it was to rent a U-Haul trailer when I moved from home. Of course, we only needed it for 24 hours and only drove 30 minutes with it. Have fun unpacking! :)

  • Not bad at all, but I bet you would have been happy to pay double just to get on with the next stage of your life!!!!