May Net Worth: +$338

I’m a bit late in posting my net worth from May, but here it is, better late than never! I am having some technical difficulties and cannot post my Net Worth IQ graph on here, so please click here for the time being until I get that posted.

Liquid Assets: $6,771.34
Checking Account: $60.52
Emergency Savings: $5,601.98
Car Repair Fund: $745.96
Gift Fund: $236.74
Me Fund: $100
Future Fund: $26.14

Long-termĀ Assets: $5,112.56
401(k): $3,754.27
Roth IRA: $1,320.49
Stocks: $38.58

Debts: $850
Credit Card: $850 — This looks terrible, but I put all of the moving costs on the credit card, which included a refundable $150 deposit for the truck that was still applied at the end of May. I also used my credit card to buy’s J’s birthday gift so I could get more credit card points.

Net Worth = $11,034.10 (increased $338 from April)

Notes: This was one of those to-be-expected bad months. Nothing too terrible occurred, it just so happened I was moving at the end of May so all of the accounts were lower than normal. Of course the market behaving poorly didn’t help my retirement accounts… but no worries! It’s already back to normal and I cannot wait to share what June is going to be like!

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