Have a relaxing weekend!

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun weekend plans?

After work today I’m heading home to celebrate Father’s Day with my family. It will take me maybe an hour to get home, as opposed to the five-hour drive it’d take from DC. Yay. :) Aside from spending quality time with the fam, I plan to simply relax. This will most certainly include reading. I’m about a third of the way into Eat Pray Love and love it. Anyone else want to join my Summer Book Club? All are welcome any time. :)

Next week I promise to update my new budget and share some recipes from my new cookbook. Get excited, y’all. ;) And have a RELAXING weekend as well!

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  • I,m not going to join your book club as I am already in one, with a bunch of friends, we are reading THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant if you hav,nt already read it I recommend it highly. But I am looking forward to reading about your new budget and following your recipes.

  • sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead. i loved Eat Pray Love and can’t wait to hear your thoughts! my weekend plans? i’m working on enjoying creativity, and cleaning my toilet! {{creative weekend to-do list ~ http://bit.ly/9yUtbe}} xo, kaileenelise