Monday Musings

  • Did you all have a good weekend? I sure did. It was one of those where I blinked and here I am back at the beginning of  a new week. Hello Monday.
  • I am thinking the two plus cups of caffeinated coffee I’ve had this morning were mislabeled because I’ve had a splitting headache since waking up.
  • I got a haircut this weekend for $36. It’s not a terrible haircut, but different than the “Just a trim and thinned out, please” instructions I gave the hairdresser. I should know better than get my hair cut one week before my best friend’s wedding.
  • I went to a yard sale this weekend and found a small dresser for $7. Later that afternoon my mom and I painted it and found cute knobs from Anthropologie and now it’s an adorable little addition to my room. I am still figuring out decorations and such, but plan to post a before and after pictures of my room soon. :)
  • So remember that goal of mine to work out 3 times a week? Yeeeeah, let’s just go ahead and crown me with the Failure of the Year award. I tend to gain weight when I am making a conscious effort to lose weight. How that works, I don’t know, but a few months ago I lost 10 pounds overnight. I was so stressed about life, that I lost the weight just by not thinking about it.  It was fabulous and not fair. However now, 10+ pounds later, I’m trying to get back in shape and it’s like I lose a pound one day and then the next I gain it back. How does that work? Does this happen to anyone else?
  • J and I are talking about taking a trip this summer. Like a real trip on a plane and everything! I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m very excited about the prospect and will let you know if it works out. :)
  • Here’s to a happy week of work, play and accomplishing a long to do list! (And here’s hoping that headache goes away soon… more coffee, perhaps?)

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  • I can’t wait to see your before and after photos! My mother sees a neurologist about her migraines, and he told her the absolute worst thing you can consume if you are prone to headaches is caffeine. I’ve honestly seen a 98% turn around in the number of migraines I experience since I gave up soda. I hope it subsides soon!

  • Also, on losing weight: I experience a similar thing. When I have a plan, I feel so restricted. I just don’t do well with obligations. But if I go for a walk because I like walking and reading? Or have one cupcake instead of 12 because I’m not depriving myself? Then I do great. Good luck to you! Maybe a little less structure would be good.

  • I had a fantastic weekend which explains why my stressful Monday took so long to get to me. Seriously, I didn’t get angsty until almost the end of the day! (Also, I got into work late – just after 9 – so it started late and was full of new office settling in.)

  • I find I suffer badly with headaches if I drink to much coffee, after all it is a diuretic, so maybe upping your water could help to get rid of the symptoms.