This summer J and I are going to take a trip to…


One evening J and I were discussing our vacation days and dreamed aloud about possibly taking a trip together. I love love love traveling, especially to a place I’ve never been before. And the thought of taking a trip with J (as opposed to visit J)… well that just sounds like a blast. I’ve been warned from my coworkers that this autumn is going to be crazy busy, so we wanted to take a trip this summer and save the rest of our vacation for the holidays. On such a short notice (and minimal funds), an international trip would be out of the question. We already have a few weekend trips planned to drivable cities (Atlanta, Charlotte), but really wanted to fly somewhere new and take an actual real vacation.

We decided on Austin, Texas, a city where we could stay for free with two of our very good friends from college, but also somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.  The flights were $275 each and the dates are August 19-23. The whole trip shouldn’t cost more than $400.

So, dear readers, what do you suggest we do in Austin? (Ahem–Carolyn, speak up darling!) I’ve heard the bat colony is impressive  (see above photo) and the nightlife and restaurants are amazing. Any Austin recommendations? :)

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  • I’ve lived in Austin for about a year and half and love it! It’s a great place to visit. A few things I would recommend are: The Elephant Room (if you’re into Jazz and live music), Homeslice (for pizza), and The Mighty Cone. Canoeing on Town Lake and visiting Hamilton Pools are also great outdoor activities. I’m sure you and J will have a blast.

  • Sounds fun! I visited a friend for just a long weekend a few years back and had a blast. I know you will too!