Farewell June, Hello July!

It’s crazy how fast this month went by, yet it feels like I”ve lived in this town forever. In fact, I no longer need to carry around my GPS everywhere. I know now how to navigate to the closest fill-in-the blank. :)

Here is a recap for June goals. Since half of this year is over (my goodness!) check out my yearly goals to see the progress there. Not much has changed since my 1st Quarter update (except, of course, the delightful move).


Make at least one new friend. Not just meet someone, but make a friend.
Success! I made friends with one of my coworkers. She’s become my go-to girl for unplanned lunches and we always chit chat over morning coffee.

Figure out new budget.
Success! Check out the budget here.

Make a summer reading list.
Success! Check out the Summer Book Club list here.

Read at least one book.
Success! I just finished Eat Pray Love and will blog my review tomorrow.

Finish decorating and organizing room.
No… I still have nothing on my walls because I’m being really picky on how I want to decorate. But my room is pretty organized so that’s good.

Have a lovely time at BFF’s wedding :)
Success! Here’s a recap.

My July goals are centered around creating a sense of balance in my life. June was crazy, and that’s fine because there were birthdays and trips and moving and change. But I long for a more balanced routine between work, play and rest. I have neglected a few things in my life (workouts and this blog, for example) and long for positive habits in my daily routine.


  • Finish decorating room and blog with pictures
  • Read two books from Summer Book Club list
  • Practice yoga 15 times
  • Watch the fireworks for July 4th
  • Cook four new recipes
  • Make one new friend
  • Sell or donate books and clothes
  • Comment on one blog a day
  • Install Quicken on my computer and reconcile all statements to date
  • Stick to budget (or reevaluate allocations)
  • Decide about joining the gym

What are some of your goals this month?

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  • I’m really happy that you had success with your goal to make a new friend – it gives me hope that as my old friendships start to dwindle, I’ll be able to make new ones.

    And I can’t wait to hear what you thought of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’!

    Good luck with your July goals!