Room Decor: The Before Photos

For some reason, it’s been very difficult to decide how to decorate my new room. In DC, my room was decorated the first weekend by loaned art from my parents, but now in NC I have four walls with wide-open opportunities. Almost too much freedom. I’ve been here a month now and still nothing has been nailed to the walls. That’s way too long and I’m eager for this place to look more like a home.

Thus starts a new series I will call Room Decor!

I’ve given myself $75 to spend on wall decorations, taken from my Me Fund or my monthly budget, if I plan well. I’ve been browsing decorating blogs, digging through Etsy for pretty prints, looking on websites for cheap art, and have organized countless photos to possibly frame. I will blog through the process then promise to show you the final product in photos.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the room before all of my stuff moved in:

I love this built-in bookcase in the entrance of the room.

Remember this closet? You’ve seen it before. ;) Also, I love rooms that aren’t perfectly square. It’s nice to have little nooks, like the one next to my closet.

I’m a huge fan of sunlight, so it’s great to have two windows.

Hope you enjoy the series! :)

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