Have a fabulous weekend!

By golly it is Friday again! I could really get used to this whole four-day-week thing, couldn’t you? ;)

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? I am staying in town after being away for three weekends and I’m more than thrilled. I plan to eat a delicious dinner tonight with friends, look for room decoration deals tomorrow at yard sales, and attend a surprise anniversary party for some old family friends on Sunday. I should also try to vacuum and scrub the apartment since it’s been sadly neglected for weeks.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

(photo credit – doesn’t that sorbet look delicious and perfect for this hot summer weather we’re having?:))

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  • Mmmm! That sorbet DOES look delicious! I will resist the urge to go to the grocery store and splurge on strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup (my own comfort food).

    I hope you enjoy your low key weekend. My parents are coming down tomorrow to have lunch with us and D’s grandparents. Then I’m going to search for a swimsuit deal at Target because my parents just bought a jet ski (!!!), and I don’t have anything to wear while riding. :-p

  • It,s Monday morning now and I,m just catching up with my favourite blogs. Sounds like an ideal weekend, hope you enjoyed it.