Want to hear something hilarious/awesome?

There is a $1.50 movie theater here in Raleigh.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I first found out. One dollar and fifty cents to go see a movie? What year are we living in, 1978? It used to cost me $12 to park for an hour in DC, and now I get two plus hours of entertainment for less than two bucks. Ah-mazing. Needless to say I think I will be going to the movies a lot while I live here. :)

Anyone else have a cheap theater where they live? Can you beat $1.50/ticket?

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  • In the city that I used to live in, there was a $1 movie theater. The movies weren’t new, but they were on the screen before the movie was released on DVD. I liked to go on Tuesday night because it was $.50. I went with my boyfriend…total cost $1 for the movie and we’d go out to dinner at place with $1 burgers (only on Tuesday nights during happy hour).

  • We have a $1 theater in Knoxville. The only catch is that the movies aren’t the newest releases. Like Saving Diva said, they’re in the between stages – between going to DVD and being “new releases” in the theater. But if you can wait a few months to see a movie, it’s a great way to save some cash!

  • Our theater is $1.25 before 6PM and $1.50 after 6PM
    $0.75 on Mondays if you buy 3 or more tickets
    $0.50 on Tuesdays

    You are gonna love it. Sometime I watch 3 movies on the weekend!

  • @ Jan: Yep sure is! :)

    @ Everyone else: Uhhh wow, I didn’t know these kinds of theaters still existed! How awesome!!

  • Pffft. You’d be lucky to score a weekly rental DVD for that much!

    Cheapest movie (aside from free passes) I’ve ever had was probably the $7.50 tickets back when I was a child.

  • $1.50? What kind of movies do they show?

    It’s $15.50 at my local cinema, $10 on cheap-ass Tuesday, and $12 for the independant cinema.