A Week in the Life of MPP…

It has been exactly 44 days since I moved to NC, and I must say I am loving my life. I realize now how much of a recluse I was when I lived in DC. Let’s compare my weeks, shall we?

An Average Week in DC:
-Monday: After work go home and watch How I Met Your Mother
-Tuesday: After work go home and watch LOST
-Wednesday: After work go home and watch Modern Family
-Thursday: After work babysit for four hours
-Friday through Sunday: After work either travel to NC for a weekend, host friends from NC for a weekend, or hang out with local friends in DC.

An Average Week in NC (for example, just this last week:)
-Monday: After work go home and cook dinner with J and my roommate
-Tuesday: After work go to a Durham Bulls baseball game with J and some coworkers
-Wednesday: After work have dinner with J and his family then watch a movie together
-Thursday: After work go over to a friend’s house for a double date to make homemade pizza
-Friday: Get off of work early, go out for dinner, and then go to the $1.50 movie theater
-Saturday: Hit up yard sales with three girlfriends, run much-needed errands, meet up with J’s sister at the pool, then spend the evening with J cooking dinner and relaxing.
-Sunday: Go to church, go out to brunch with J’s family, attend a surprise anniversary party in the afternoon for an old family friend, and then go out to dinner with my parents who had come to visit for the party.

 Have I mentioned before how much happier I am now? :)

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  • Sounds like you’re having a great time now that you’ve moved.. I’m glad you’re happier now! I’m moving soon but won’t know many people, so I hope I can eventually get out of my apartment during the week!

  • Hey! I’ve been a reader for awhile and just wanted to say how happy I am for you! …and a bit jealous as I love living in a new area and discovering a new place!


  • Dang girl! You’re busy! I love hanging out w/ my peeps, but I also enjoy down time during the week. But I’m soooo happy you’re enjoying NC so much!! YAY!!