June Networth: +$2,145!

June’s net worth is probably going to be the best month of this year! I got an extra paycheck by getting this new job, and therefore was able to add a $1,000 buffer to my checking, increase my Emergency Fund by $500 and pay off the $850 balance on my credit card from moving expenses. Here’s the detailed breakdown:

Liquid Assets: $8,066
Checking Account: $1,000
Emergency Savings: $6,100
Car Repair Fund: $745
Gift Fund: $95
Me Fund: $100
Future Fund: $26.14

Long-termĀ Assets: $5,112.56
401(k): $3,754.27
Roth IRA: $1,320.49
Stocks: $38.58

Debts: $0
This is the FIRST time since I’ve become debt-free that I actually have $0 in debt reflected on my net worth! Sure I haven’t gotten into any more debt and all is paid off, but for some reason ever since March I have had a balance on my credit card which has reflected whenever the end of the month comes to calculate net worth. Yay for officially no more debt!

Net Worth = $13,178 (increased $2,145 from May!!!)

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