Have a wonderful mid-summer weekend!

Ahhh, I just love Fridays. For as long as I can remember I always had either school work or a part-time job that required my time during the weekends, so when I joined the full-time workforce, weekends became so sacred. Having only fun-related commitments for the weekend is simply fabulous.

I am very excited about this weekend. I plan to have a date tonight with J (don’t be deceived by my weekly routine–I may see J a lot, but we rarely have time to ourselves), get my oil changed, drive to my parents Saturday afternoon to celebrate my mom’s birthday, cook a surprise birthday meal, and finish the second book in my Summer Book Club.

Next week: I plan to share the secret birthday recipe I am making, hopefully will have a book review for Sarah’s Key and will give more details regarding my Room Decor. :) Hope you all have a wonderful mid-summer weekend!

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  • I am having a wonderful mid-Winter weekend. All of the family are going out for lunch and listening to a band, so their will be eating drinking and singing. Aaaaaa