Have a happy weekend!

Oops, time slipped away from me completely yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to wish you all a wonderful weekend! I suppose Saturday morning will just have to do. :) In fact, right now is my very favorite time of the week. I just got back from a hot, sweaty run and have a cold smoothie beside me and a two free days ahead of me.  I have little plans for the rest of the day, except unfortnately to do a little work from home. But working on the weekends at home is so much more enjoyable when Season One of Glee is playing in the background as I work. And then later I will probably hang out with J and do a little housekeeping. Ya know, keepin’ it low-key. :)

I hope all of you have a great weekend! 

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  • Aaah Saturday morning is my favourite time of the week also – I think it’s something to do with Monday still feeling so far away and the possibilities that abound at the prospect of a whole two days off! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend! :)