Well, hi there August!

I am sad to announce that my July goals were filled with failures. I thought about lying and write that I did a little bit a of yoga, but I don’t even earn such a lie. I did zero downward dogs in July.


    • Finish decorating room and blog with pictures FAIL.
    • Read two books from Summer Book Club list FAIL. Just Sarah’s Key and still I haven’t blogged about it! 
    • Practice yoga 15 times EPIC FAIL.
    • Watch the fireworks for July 4th Success.
    • Cook four new recipes Success!
      -Lemon Blueberry Muffins
      -Scallops with Cucumber-Horseradish Sauce (recipe here)
      -Chicken with Summer Squash and Lemon-Chive Sauce
      -Cheese Enchilada Casserole 
      -Peach Ice cream 
    • Make one new friend FAIL? I met new people but no new friends. 
    • Sell or donate books and clothes FAIL. I tried! But the guy didn’t want any of my books! :(
    • Comment on one blog a day FAIL.
    • Install Quicken on my computer and reconcile all statements to date Success.
    • Stick to budget (or reevaluate allocations) Sort of? I’d like to reevauate things.
    • Decide about joining the gym Success. I decided to wait.

    However. Since this is my blog and those were my goals, I’ll just brush it off, move on to the next month and ignore the fact that I’m already five days late posting this.


    • Have a fabulous time in Austin, Texas!
    • Go see Eat Pray Love in theaters
    • Finish reading two books
    • Take a day off of work and do the following:
      -Pick a car insurance
      -Get car tags in my name
      -Get car inspected and oil changed
      -Get new glasses 
      -Get a dentist appointment 
    • Cook four new recipes
    • Finish decorating room and blog progress

    Here’s to a fabulous hot summer month! :)

    (photo credit: Minus the red tint, this is what my hair’s been looking like lately. It’s rather useless to straighten it with such humidity!)

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    • I came to your page from today’s post on Tranquility du Jour, and will definitely be coming back more often! I was also amused at how some of our July goals looked strikingly similar, especially the fail at yoga! No matter how much I knew it would’ve helped my back, mind, etc. I just never made it.