The Proposal Story

Thank you ALL for the sweet notes of congratulations! I am sorry to stay away this week, but I just needed three non-blog days to digest everything. In fact, I think between me, J and our mothers, the wedding has already been planned. But more on that later… here’s how he proposed:

Like I said last week, a month ago J told me not to plan anything for August 7th because he had a surprise day planned for us. To be honest, I was slightly suspicious but of course he positioned it as a “just-the-two-of-us day” since we rarely get any alone time without roommates or family around. But all my suspicions were gone weeks later when we had a serious talk and he informed me it could be year(s) before anything happened. And that was fine with me, like I said in this post last week. :)

So Friday evening rolls around and my dad was in the hospital for an appendicitis. The surgery was a lot more intense than originally thought, so we weren’t sure if we were still going to have our date and wanted to go to the hospital instead. My mom told us to do our day and then come and see him afterwords.

Saturday morning J knocked on my door with breakfast and… here’s kind of what happened:

Me: “Good morning! I’m so excited about our surprise day!”

J: “Me too. Let’s sit on the couch and eat breakfast. I’d like to talk to you about today.” So we sit. He looks so very serious. “I just don’t feel right going through with today with everything going on with your family. I just really feel the right thing to do is cancel our plans and go to Your Hometown to be with you family.”

Me: “Oh thank you!! I feel the same way but I didn’t want to say anything because everyone was ok with it. I think it would just be better to be with my family right now.”

J: “Well I would like to still do the surprise day I had planned. So I decided to postpone it for the one week anniversary that we get engaged.”

Then he got on one knee and said, “[MPP], will you marry me?” (and somehow during these quick moments he had a gorgeous diamond ring in his hand!

Me: “What? Are you serious? Is this real? Oh my gosh, is this really happening? Are you serious, J? Please don’t be kidding… are you serious?! Is this for real??”

J: “Uh… yeah…”

Then I squealed and hugged him. He looked at me funny and I realized I hadn’t answered. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!”

Then we hugged again and I realized I hadn’t even looked at the ring and I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. It was exactly what I’ve always wanted–simple, yet elegant and very sparkly!

And then we cried and laughed and he said he knew I was the one after two weeks (who knew!!) and then told me all the little secrets he had been keeping from me. Then we both called our moms and then sat and ate breakfast talking about how crazy it is that we will be calling each other husband and wife in the near future. Then I couldn’t wait any longer and said we NEEDED to go to my Hometown, so we went outside to the car to go. There happen to be a breast cancer run through the neighborhood and there were two women running by our driveway when I just burst out, “I JUST GOT ENGAGED!” These strangers then squealed and hugged me and aww-ed at my ring and then yelled to all of the other women running who of course proceeded to hoop and holler for us.

As soon as we got in the car we called sisters, best friends and family members to share the good news. We also talked about wedding dates and all of the little details I’ve been DYING to plan!  We went to the hospital where we met my mom and my sisters and I am sure there has never been a happier group of people outside of a hospital! We all were squealing and laughing and crying and it was so special. We saw my dad (who is doing well, btw!) and stayed there for a little bit.

My dad wanted some rest (too much excitement!!) so we went back to our home where two of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) drove in for an engagement weekend of laughter, manicures, and already diving in full force in the wedding planning. Sunday we drove back home where my future mother in law had an impromptu engagement party for us. All of it was so special, and I still have the postponed surprise proposal day tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Sunday my roommate got engaged and I’m her bridesmaid! Our apartment has officially been named Wedding Central. :)

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  • What a sweet proposal story! And so cute that you’re doing the surprise day this weekend instead, J is so considerate! You’ve found a keeper!

    And gorgeous ring, CONGRATS!!! :D

  • OMG, that is the most adorable story ever!!! I love it! I remember doing the exact same thing – getting so excited and overwhelmed and forgetting to even look at the ring! Ahhhhh I’m so excited for you!! Congrats again! And I’m happy to hear that your dad is doing better. :)

  • Your ring is completely perfect :) I see what you mean about simple and elegant. Love it!
    Your engagement story is adorable! I love that you ran outside and there were other women to congratulate and cheer for you :)

  • I am overjoyed with excitement for you!!! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    I know people are nosey anyway when it comes to weddings, but I would really love to see how your budgeting works with a wedding. I hope you’ll be able to share. In the meantime, enjoy the bliss! I pray it’s lasts forever!!!

  • You made me misty eyed with your first engagement post, and now this one! Congratulations. I really look forward to more posts. P.S. I think the band of your ring is the perfect… what would you call it? Thickness? It’s absolutely perfect and classic.


  • How fun! And how well that worked out with the girlfriends being around for an engagement weekend. Glad your dad is recovering well and had such good news to celebrate on the heels of his hospital visit.

  • Tooo cute! I love your proposal story!

    I recently got engaged too so I’m living in Wedding Central myself. I’m so excited to follow your blog as you plan the wedding! :)

  • Very cool story! I am actually proposing to my girlfriend on September 16th in Ireland! Total surprise and I cannot wait! It seems like I have been coming across so many bloggers who have gotten engaged the last few weeks and months!

    Congrats to you both!