Moving Twice in One Year? Aye aye aye!

I mentioned last week that my roommate got engaged the day after I did. It has been absolutely fantastic planning a wedding together and I’m so excited for them and honored to be apart of the wedding party. There is just one tiny little glitch: they are getting married this January and I will have to move out.

We are planning our wedding in April, so there are really three options:

1. Find a roommate who needs a temporary roommate and sublease before the wedding.

2. Stay with J’s family who have graciously let me live with them before the wedding.

3. Get my own place and pay a little extra until J moves in after the wedding.

None of these options are ideal because moving is always a pain. However, I am leaning towards Option 3 to just get a place a few months before the wedding. It would be the least financially responsible plan, but I think it may be the most sane one since I don’t want to move out of my current apartment in January to a temporary home, continue planning a wedding, then move another time in April after the wedding.┬áJ also agrees that would be the best plan since he is living at home and can help with the rent until he moves in. Since J and I will be paying for the majority of our wedding ourselves, the next few months will be very tight in trying to save for the wedding before paying for an apartment and all those little moving expenses. (Also, in case you are wondering, it is not an option for J and I to live together before the wedding. Call us old fashion but we really want the first time we live together to be when we’re married.)

I’ll make sure to update you on our budgets very soon!

*Photo: Right after I got engaged, I grabbed my keys and scribbled “I’m Engaged!” on the chalkboard in our kitchen before heading to my hometown to celebrate with my family. After finding out my roommate got engaged, I promptly scratched out and wrote “we’re” as soon as I got home. :)

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  • Could you stay in your apartment from the time your roommate moves out to the time you move out, so you don’t have to move until you are officially married?

  • Congrats to you both! Sounds like really exciting times. Ive seen that things just fall into place right at the last minute, although it adds a little extra stress. I just had to move my roommate out while he was on his honeymoon, so lucky for him, he had good friends to help :)

  • Maybe you would be best moving in with J,s parents, as a Wedding present they may reduce your board or maybe let you stay rent free if it,s only for a few months. Then you two will have time to shop around for the ideal first home to start off your married life. Good luck..