September, we meet again!

My goodness! How am I already eight days late in posting this? It’s crazy that the summer is ending and we are getting ready for the autumn months… my favorite time of year! August was definitely the very best month of this year yet. However, September will be pretty awesome as well since I’ll be out of town every single weekend except for the last on pre-planned trips with friends and wedding planning weekends with my family.

Here are August Goals recapped:

  • Have a fabulous time in Austin, Texas! Done!
  • Go see Eat Pray Love in theaters Fail. But it’s all good. We’ll probably catch it when it goes to the $1.50 theater.
  • Finish reading two books. Done! ┬áBut of course I have not blogged about them yet. Ugh, sorry book club folks, I’m so behind on that!
  • Take a day off of work and do the following:
    -Pick a car insurance — Done!
    -Get car tags in my name — Done!
    -Get car inspected and oil changed — Done!
    -Get new glasses — Done!
    -Get a dentist appointment at dentist Parker CODone!
  • Cook four new recipes — Ehh… I think I cooked two?
  • Finish decorating room and blog progress — Fail, but I’m moving so I have very little motivation to decorate!

My Goals for September:

  • Put together schedule for Bridal Bootcamp!
  • Stay within regular budget
  • Keep my room tidy and organized
  • Find a wedding dress!!!
  • Confirm catering and musicians for the wedding
  • Cook two new recipes
  • Remain balanced. :)

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