Lately, I’ve been taking walks on my lunch breaks. I got into the (in my opinion, bad) habit of just eating at my desk like other coworkers, but there is something about having an actual break in the day and seeing the sun that energizes me for the afternoon.┬áSometimes I bring my phone and knock out a few phone calls while I walk, and other times I just leave everything inside and wander around the city people-watching and window-shopping. It’s nice to sneak in some exercise during the day but unlike running, I’m not constantly thinking about how miserable I am or wondering how much longer I have. It’s just me, my feet, and my thoughts. :)

When was the last time you took a walk?

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  • I wish I could go for a walk during my lunch break, but i work at a school and when I’m on lunch all the other kids are as well, so that wont work. :(

  • I love going for walks as a break from work. I was lucky enough to have a job where I could do it, and the separation saved my sanity.

  • I got into walking at lunch years ago. Where I’m from state workers get paid lunches if they walk at lunch. The streets fill up with people at lunchtime around the state buildings. It’s quite inspiring and not a bad deal!

  • Awww- I used to love to walk during lunch… That or my best friend & I would run down to CVS to pick up a few things. She moved and it is hard to motivate myself to wander around the inner city alone!!