My Life Lately

… is slightly disorganized. I went to the grocery store four times last week. Yes, you read that correctly: Four Times. And that does not include the trip for eggs that J graciously took the night I was baking cupcakes for a coworker and didn’t realize that my roommate had used all of the eggs I bought earlier that week.

…is warm. The last few days we’ve had highs of 89 degrees here in NC! What happened to the crisp, cool weather that welcomed me at the beginning of October? 

…is in the happy stage of engagement. The first days and weeks of being engaged were so exciting, but left me sleepless and constantly running on adrenaline with so many decisions to make. Now that we’re two months in, J and I are having lots of fun adding little things to our registry, attending pre-marital counseling classes, getting engagement photos taken, and dreaming of our new apartment we’ll get in a couple of months.

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  • I’m in upstate SC, and I’m thinking the same thing about the weather! I’d love for you to blog about your registry and the kinds of things you and J are picking for it, if you’re up for it!

  • Wedding planning is so exciting! I’m curious about your premarital classes. Are they through your church? My boyfriend and I are thinking about it but don’t really know of options outside of a church (which we would prefer).