The State Fair

This past Saturday my parents came into town and met J and me at the State Fair! It was the first visit to the State Fair and it was the perfect autumn day. We went on rides, saw lots of agriculture, and ate lots of FOOD. I have never seen so much fried food in my life! Our mindset was to try (keyword: try) food that we could get nowhere else. I think we definitely succeeded.

Between the four of us we tried:
-Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger (instead of buns this cheeseburger has two doughnuts as buns… YUCK. Only J got this)
-Kool-Aid Pickles (they were gross)
-Deep-Fried Snickers Bar (way too sweet!)
-Honey Cotton Candy (actually this was quite delicious)
-Maple Butter (just got a sample)
-Hot Wisconsin Cheese (aka: huge mozzarella sticks)

I know, I know, this stuff is NOT on my bridal bootcamp plan, but I ensure you I have eaten very healthy since then. :)

Do other state fairs have so much fried foods, or is this just a southern thing?

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  • This is not just a southern thing, I grew up in New York State and the State Fair is very similar to the photos and descriptions you provide. :) Thanks for sharing, this sounds like so much fun!

  • I think all fairs have tons of fried food–at least the ones here in California do. A Krispy Kreme cheeseburger?–that sounds insane! I’d be willing to try it, but not eat the whole thing :) Part of the fair fun is eating the greasy food, in my opinion.

  • Apart from the Maple Butter (I am Canadian, after all!) I have never heard of any of the items on your list. We do have a similar fair that comes to our city every August though. The best fried food on my list? Beavertails! A Canadian favourite!

  • Haha, Short Stop posted a couple of photos of a krispy kreme cheeseburger. Gross! I think fairs are pretty much known everywhere for their ridiculous fried food and such. Thank god, our fair that comes once a year keeps their oldies, but goodies—navajo tacos and ice cream bars dipped in oreo cookie…mmmmm :)

  • I guess that people think you can fry ANYTHING and it will be good! I was wonder how the fried candy bars would taste… I do like fried pickles.

    It looks like you had a great time at the fair!