Bridal Bootcamp: Week Two

Ugh. I definitely did NOT succeed in my “run three times this week” goal I set for myself. It was just one of those weeks where I didn’t get off of work until 7 or 8 each evening and on one occasion I cried myself all the way home (which says a lot with a 30+minute commute). Everything is fine… but sometimes you just need a good hard cry every now and then. And this weekend I was out of town and having such a great time I completely ignored the tennis shoes and sports bra at the bottom of my bag. 


So here are my results Week Two: 

Yuck. Not a very pretty picture. Oh well! Here’s hoping week three is better!

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  • Sometimes a good cry is everything I need to make me feel better. Even if nothing gets resolved, it just feels like I let go of the emotions.

    I’m going to try and hop back on the workout wagon this week. I’ve been feeling so lethargic and gross from all the overeating I’ve been doing.

  • I call it my ‘crying day’. I work with all men and if that day happens to fall on a work day they all freak out. I tell them to stop being so emotional and let me have my freakin crying day!